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The Initiative for Livelihood Education and Development (iLEAD) programme is Aide et Action International’s initiative to promote education through livelihood training and enhance livelihood opportunities through education programmes. The primary aim of the programme is to train youth and school drop outs from the marginalised sections of society in employable skills. iLEAD addresses the employment concerns of the one-half of the world’s poor that lives in South Asia. Skills training is offered in about 35 areas including information technology, hospitality, clothing design, secretarial training and beautician courses as well as mobile phone services and repair. 

iLEAD pomoted various strategic collaborations with business leaders to provide a wider range of employment options, thus creating a win-win model for the communities and business establishments. The programme has provided professional training that is customised to suit individual needs. iLEAD is presently operational in 102 locations across India and Sri Lanka. 

iLEAD aims to:
•Create entry-level employment opportunities for youths from marginalised and economically weak communities.

•Support trained youth with exceptional aptitude to emerge as successful entrepreneurs and catalysts for generating more employment opportunities.

•Advocate for the adoption of similar approaches in private and state-run training programmes by focusing on employability and entrepreneurship opportunities.
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