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What we believe in  

Aide et Action International believes in Education for All, and works towards providing education to the most vulnerable children from marginalised communities across the world.
It believes in Values that are free from all political and religious attachments-  promotes the values of liberty, respect, solidarity, equity and integrity.
AEAI has a Vision where dignity is ensured for all men, women and children through education.
Our Mission is to make education a lever for human development. We work with the objective to empower the marginalised communities to help them take control of their future and stand for their fundamental rights.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring respect for the Right to Quality Education for all, particularly children.
  • Increasing awareness of this mission and promoting worldwide Rights to Education. 


Free from all political and religious attachments, Aide et Action International undertakes to:

  • ACT for the respect of the right to quality education for all, especially children, the future of humanity;
  • INCREASE AWARENESS, mobilise and lobby, so that education becomes an international commitment;
  • SUPPORT the people, who alone are the decision makers, builders and entrepreneurs of their educational projects;
  • PROMOTE education that is open to the world, its diversity and its cultures;
  • DEVELOP intercultural exchanges and thus the principle of solidarity, especially through sponsorship ties;
  • GUARANTEE transparency in our actions and in the use of our resources. 

The Aide et Action International charter is the association’s raison d’être, shared by all our members. It guarantees our unity and coherence. Its values and principles are accepted by all our partners.


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