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Tsunami in Sri Lanka  
The disaster preparedness programme of Aide et Action International - South Asia assists members fom the community in restarting businesses that were destroyed and to begin entrepreneurial ventures.
Aide et Action Sri Lanka began work in the disaster prone areas of Sri Lanka in 2008. The organisation works in partnership and directly in about 25 villages. The programme assists members from the community to restart businesses that were destroyed and to begin entrepreneurial ventures. The projects are supported by the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).
AEA Sri Lanka, through its experiences in this project, firmly believes that disaster rehabilitation needs to be followed up with strong disaster preparedness and disaster-management-related work to ensure that the communities do not suffer from the same setbacks in the future. The aim should be to empower communities to enable them to cope with various natural and man-made disasters.
The major activities conducted under the projects are:
Land and water reclamation
Promotion of eco-friendly agriculture
Natural resource management activities
Capacity building and organisation of communities for disaster preparedness and mitigation
Provision of multi-purpose disaster shelters along with required infrastructure
Coastal belt plantations
Emergence of schools as eco-centers of villages and introduction of disaster preparedness and mitigation modules in schools and communities.
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