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Tsunami Rehabiliation Project  


Participatory Disaster Proofing in South Asia

The tsunami in December 2004 destroyed the lives of thousands of families, robbing them of lives, homes and livelihood. In South Asia alone, more than 5000 people in India and Sri Lanka lost their lives and destroyed the livelihood opportunities of several thousand fishermen. AeA began work in the disaster prone areas in 2008. The organization works in partnership and directly in about 85 villages in Tamil Nadu and 25 villages in Sri Lanka. AeA collaborates with ILO to work with the tsunami affected community in Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) and Kollam (Kerala). The programme assists members from the community re-start businesses that were destroyed and also begin entrepreneurial ventures. These projects are supported by the UNDP.

The European Commission Monitoring Mission to ‘Participatory Disaster Proofing of Tsunami Affected Target Villages’ commended AeA on its work, stating:

 “The impact of the project can be seen in the industrious work and achievements of the communities in the rehabilitation work. These communities are reaching their goals and hence the impact of the project has potential beyond its planned scope.”


  • Restoration of Agricultural land
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture
  • Capacity building of communities in disaster preparedness
  • Infrastructure development for disaster mitigation(multipurpose shelters and providing warning systems)
  • Development of schools as eco centers through community Participation

 Collaboration with International Labor Organization (ILO)

Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) program in Tsunami affected areas of Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu and Kollam district of Kerala

The Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme is a management – training program with a focus on starting and improving small business as a strategy for creating more and better employment in developing economics and economics in transition. The SIYB is proven training module of ILO, the module is used in more than 80 developing countries all over the world. AeA in collaboration with ILO trained tsunami affected community in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu and Kollam district of Kerala through it’s ILO certified Master trainers.

 The programme consisted of three stages such as Generate Your Business Idea (GYB), Start Your Business (SYB) and Improve Your Business (IYB). During 2008 1185 persons are trained GYB, 250 persons under SYB and 80 persons under IYB in Kollam and Kanyakumari districts.











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