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Amita remembers her sponsor M. Robert Guinvery fondly. She used to write letters and receive encouraging words in response from him. This inspired her to do a course in French from Alliance Française de Delhi. Following which, she worked for a year in a clinic run by Deepalaya and today is employed with a Reliance Public Call Office. Amita is also pursuing a degree in commerce.

Looking at the picture of confident Amita, it’s impossible not to feel a surge of happiness, pride, and gratitude for the way her live has shaped up. This has been made possible thanks to the Aide et Action International Sponsorship programme and our generous sponsors.

Y es, even though primary education is a fundamental right of every child in the country, education for the girl child is notguaranteed.Girls are the ones who are made to drop out of school for lack of funds, made to help in domestic chores, married off early, and face social hazards such as sexual harassment.

Opening doors for our children

By sponsoring a girl child from an underprivileged community supported by Aid et Action International (AEAI), you can directly help them out of this situation and give them one window of hope for their future.

At Aide et Action International, we believe that education is a crucial lever that helps these children regain a basic quality of life and work towards a dignified future. We support over 40 projects in India – directly implemented or through partner organisations, to ensure access to quality education for the disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.  Through our projects, we seek to create a nurturing environment for girl children to gain access to schooling.

In India, 37 % of girls aged 7–14 years, belonging to the lowest castes or tribes do not attend school, as against 26% other majority girls of the same age. School attendance for tribal girls is 9 percentage points below that of tribal boys.

We work to:

  • Enroll girls who have never schooled and those who have dropped out, into formal schools.
  • Educate teachers, parents, and the community at large, on the need to educate girls
  • Train teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools, thereby creating joyful learning environment
  • Engage with the children themselves and introduce them to collective learning beyond the four walls of the school.

By doing so, we have:

  • Identified and enrolled a minimum of 92,407girl children in schools
  • Encouraged more girls to continue school and improved their academic performance, as well as enhanced the awareness of teachers
  • Urged local institutions and the district administration to be more involved in monitoring the overall quality of education, as well as that of girl children


Sponsorship and Aid et Action International 

We believe that sponsorship is not just a mechanism for seeking support, but is in fact, a movement of solidarity towards the cause of education. Today, we have over 63,000 sponsors globally, who regularly support our work. Through the principle of mutualisation of resources, their support allows us to work with various communities that we choose to support within our mandate.  

Sponsorship is not just your financial support forthese children.It is the very lifeline they seek. It’s YOUR one little opportunity to make a personal commitment towards making their world a better place. 

Sponsorship at AEAI is the kind of solidarity which enables you to support the development of education projects and follow its evolution. The solidarity link between you and the children and other actors in the children’s community is nurtured through exchange of correspondence. 


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