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Our Focus Area  
Access and Quality  Education: Enabling all children, including dropouts, children never enrolled and slow learners to meet their education needs and successfully complete their education.
Livelihood Education: Enhancing livelihood skills of youths and women, especially in the age group of 18 to 25 year old, to secure a sustainable livelihood and live a dignified life.
Inclusive Education: Ensuring education for girls, children affected by migration, children suffering from social- and health-related stigma and children with disabilities.
Health Education and HIV/AIDS: Enhancing children’s awareness of HIV/AIDS and health and building the capacities of communities to develop healthcare and support programmes.
Education for Migrating Population: Addressing educational needs of children affected by migration due to internal displacement, distress conditions, cross-border movement and conflict.

Disaster Response, Mitigation and Preparedness: Addressing rehabilitation needs of affected communities with a special focus on educational needs of children and preparing communities on disaster risk reduction strategies.
Early Child Care and Education: Ensuring children make successful transitions from their regional languages and dialects -- usually the ones they are most comfortable with -- to speaking the language of instruction in the schools they attend.

Women Empowerment and Education: Ensuring the capacities of women are built through women’s institutions, thereby enabling them to address the denial of rights and entitlements -- especially violence against women, education and developmental needs.
Education for Global Citizenship: Building a new generation of children who are sensitive and constructive towards strengthening human rights, peace building, pluralism, comprehensive development and the environment.


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