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Punni Ki Kahaniyan - 04 Sep 2010


The Animation for Change is a unique program where ‘Punni” was created to strike rapport with younger viewers and deliver key messages on multiculturalism (Bahusanskritivaad). In first of series, Punni ki Kahaniyan has been made with children drawn from various states from nook and corner of India to influence students on the importance of diversity and recognition of India’s strength as a nation of vivid cultures and varied identities. The current global trend and more so in South Asia, is the rapid increase in the movement of peoples, commodities and ideas at the global level and the consequent increase in cultural, ethnic and
religious diversity within contemporary societies.

Apart from this, in the recent times the defining role that culture has been accorded in identifying social groups and individuals within these societies has meant that an individual’s sense of self worth is often intertwined with the value the broader community gives to their cultural and ethnic origins.The prejudices against a particular social group are generally on the basis of Ethnicity, Language, Culture, Class, Religion, Caste, Gender and Ability; and this prejudice in the society against a particular group of people leads to intolerance, discrimination and exclusion. 

Aide et Action believes in and promotes inclusive education and education for global citizenship as two of its important objectives. Change in the mindset during early life of a person (childhood) is easier and more effective; therefore, AfC is primarily to expose the school going children to other facets/aspects of discourse on various issues of substance than what they gather during their normal social upbringing.  

Teaching Kids to accept all says- The Hindu

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