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Inclusive Education  

Aide et Action International defines ‘Inclusion’ in a broader spectrum within its programmes. In context to education, inclusion for AEAI-SA means to give space and equal opportunity for girl children, children affected by migration, children suffering from social and health related stigma and children with disabilities to have access to quality education.

As part of its inclusive education initiative, AEAI- South Asia has concentrated on capacity building of projects and partners. Over five thousand children with disabilities are included in educational activities through our projects across India. Children with severe disabilities are provided home-based intervention that includes communication skills and activities of daily living.

We work to support inclusive education in the following ways:

Policy advocacy: We take extensive efforts to enhance awareness and sensitise the people and the state on the need for measures to integrate and include various groups – this is done through mass events on special dates and through various studies to support our understanding of the situation.

Capacity building: We work to improve the abilities of various stakeholders in the areas of integration and inclusion at different levels – this includes providing training to educators and equipment to teachers. Teacher training programmes are conducted for primary school teachers in strategies to include children with disabilities in the mainstream classroom. Once these training programmes are completed their impact is assessed to gauge how well teachers accommodate children with disabilities in the classrooms. Hands-on-training programmes are conducted on preparation of child specific action plans for similar projects that are undertaken by partner NGOs. Disability rights advocacy is an important aspect of this initiative.

Access to education: We work to provide access to education for Children With Disabilities (CWDs) and livelihoods with Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).
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Samardh- Committed to Poor & Rural Disabled aims to integrate all eligible children with disabilities into the mainstream education system, enabling them to live with minimum dependence on others. More
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