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Inclusion and Education  

Inclusive & Education

South Asia, with the exception of Sri Lanka, has been rated as the most illiterate region of the world as 400 million persons live in the dark of illiteracy. UNESCO estimates that nearly 24 million girls of primary-school age are not receiving education in South Asia. Moreover the marginalization of children with disability is about 96% as compared to 34% for children without disability. About 39.4 million children (24 of each 25 children) with disability are being denied access to school.
     AeA as part of its inclusive education initiative has concentrated on capacity building of projects and partners. Over five thousand children with disabilities are included in educational activities through our projects across India. Children with severe disabilities are provided home-based intervention that includes communication skills and activities of daily living.

     Teacher training programmes are conducted for primary school teachers in strategies to include children with disabilities in the mainstream classroom. Once these training programmes are completed their impact is assessed to gauge how well teachers accommodate children with disabilities in the classrooms. Hands-on-training programmes are conducted on preparation of child specific action plans for similar projects that are undertaken by partner NGOs. Disability rights advocacy is an important aspect of this initiative.


-         to promote an inclusive society in educational institutions
-         to enable teachers in mainstream schools to make their classrooms disabled-friendly
-         to forge disability rights advocacy networks

AeA covered around 5500 children with disabilities and persons with disabilities through partners in South Asia. In addition, special projects on disability in Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh cover 128 villages through community based organizations.

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