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Your one donation will help support AeA’s vital work in making a lasting difference to the lives of children. AeA offers you several ways to change lives through education and make a difference……..

1. Giving her a chance to go to school

Primary education of girl children in a village @ Rs. 12,000

Journey of education of a girl child starts with her first steps to a school. Your investment in her education empowers her to see a future that has never been in her reach. While parents send their sons to school, daughters are kept home to clean, fetch water, baby sit, cook and so on.  By doing so, parents are not just depriving their girl children of education but hampering the development the generations to come. You can change the fate of many a generation by giving your generous donation to educate the girl children in a village. Early opportunities that you provide to a girl child will develop her academic skill and motivate her to pursue higher education and to live a better adulthood.

"I am the first girl in my tribal village to pass 10th Standard with a first class. I had to assist my father, a visually challenged person, in the field rearing goats and also to do all household chores before going to school. Burning the midnight oil has given its result. Now I study in the rural pre university college. Had it not with the support of AeA, I would have become a primary school dropout.  Now I have become a role model for many girls in my village – Renuka AeA- DEED project, Karnataka".

Your support to the girl children in a village will cover their tuition fee, school material and uniforms for their primary cycle of education.

2. Water and Sanitation in a school

2(a) Water, elixir of life

Provision of safe water in a school @ Rs 6, 000

Your gift of Rs 6,000/- has a miracle working power as access to safe water is next to miracle for thousands of children in schools located in rural areas where Aide et Action intervenes. Children are left with no choice but to drink contaminated water and are faced with the risk of contracting deadly waterborne diseases. In a few schools, the availability of contaminated water is still a big question. Your donation will equip a school with safe drinking water facility by providing a water tank and installing all related water piping systems. Children attending this school will take back home good lessons learnt at school rather than diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea etc

Thanks to AeA

 “285 students study in my school. It was a herculean task for us to provide safe drinking water to students with available resources.  Now I am happy that my students have access to safe drinking water because of AeA. – Mr. SomuAnna, Head master, Govt. Middle School Kaveripoompattinam,Tamilnadu".


2 (b) Access to sanitation facilities is a child's right

Construction of a toilet in a school @ Rs. 50, 000/-.

Sanitary situation in many schools is deplorable; toilets do not function properly due to a lack of water. Girl children particularly do not attend school because appropriate and private sanitation facilities are lacking. When schools lack access to a basic water supply and sanitation facilities, they risk becoming a primary source of disease (diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid and skin diseases) transmission for children. This will adversely affect children's learning abilities leading to increasing absenteeism, poor classroom performance, and early school dropout. Your contribution towards renovation or construction of toilets in needy schools will help in creating a school environment that promotes children's health and enhance their learning opportunities. Your donation will cover purchase of raw material, labour and water supply.


“Due to lack of toilet facility our children used to attend nature’s call in open places which was leading to poor environment, health issues and also the dropout of children especially the girls. Thanks to AeA, for constructing a separate toilet facility for boys and girls and also for working together with us in educating the students on health,  hygiene and environment.”  – Mr. Veeramuthu, Village Education Committee Member, Thoduvai village, Tamil Nadu."


3. Special needs of Children with Disability
Your donation will enable the children with disability to ensure her/his education and lead a better life.

You can join in our efforts to provide inclusive education for children with disability by donating Rs 6000 for equipping teachers to take care of Children with Special Needs.


I too enjoy my life – Shiv Kumari,Govt. School, Kushera, Utter Pradesh, India

“Life has become more meaningful for me once I joined the village school. Constrained with loco motor disability, I was confined within the four walls of my home. Now I am studying in 6th standard all because of the support of AeA. They motivated my parents and provided me with a tricycle and crutches. My friends take the responsibility of my safe transportation in the tricycle. For easy access to the class room, a ramp was constructed. Also the toilet was modified to suit my special needs.”

4. Professional training of one candidate in iLEAD (Institute for Livelihood Education and Development) centre

Your money gets multiplied; your one time donation of Rs 6,000/- will enable a youth earn almost the same amount every month

Many children from marginalized society are unable to pursue higher education due to financial problems or other constraints. These children who drop out of schooling are left with no option but to either while away their time in unproductive pursuits or find insecure jobs as labourers for a meager salary. Giving these dropout youth an opportunity to continue their education is an important step towards their development. iLEAD (Institute for Livelihood Education and Development), a programme of Aide et Action provides livelihood support to dropout youth of 18 to 25 years from marginalized sections of society through short term and focused training in various sectors. (eg. automobile 2 wheeler technology, IT enabled services, customer relations, sales, hospitality services etc.,) through job oriented training and linkages with related industry. Your donation will enable a youth as well as his family to lead a dignified life.


I owe my transformation to iLEAD.”- Rakesh Kumar

“Discontinued my studies at 12th standard, I started my life as a daily wage worker. Due to meager income and unable to the meet financial needs of my family, I was drowning in ultimate despair. It was a God given opportunity for me to join ‘Electrician’ course in iLEAD. This has provided stable income and also boosted my self esteem & confidence.  iLEAD has transformed me from a school dropout to an entrepreneur. Now I own an electrical shop and the income I earn out of this business is sufficient to meet my family.  I can provide employment to few others.

If you would like to get involved in these or other ways, please fill in this form.

Donations can be made by cheque or demand draft favouring ‘Aide et Action (India) Pvt. Ltd.’

All your donations and contributions are exempt under Section 80G of the Income tax Act

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