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Back to Basics Gramya  
Through this project Aide et Action International South Asia (AEAI-SA) directly reaches out to 3,386 children enrolled in 50 primary schools in Chandampet and Devarakonda mandals of the Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh (India) with a special focus on girls.

The project is implemented with the following oobjectives:

• To enhance competency levels of children in school through Back to Basics and to engage the Lambada community and the Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) to promote femail child education.

• To enhance teachers’ capacities to promote child-centered learning and organizing community to focus on female child education and female infanticide.

• To provide alternate learning spaces for Lambada children to bring in a holistic, inclusive process and engage government and nongovernment organisations for improving the quality of education

• To enhance the learning abilities of the children.

• To sensitise youths and build confidence among women to address the issues of female infanticide and protect their female children from infanticide or being sold. Demonstrable support is provided to vulnerable women.

The project carries out the following activities:

Identification of children with disabilities and especially female children and integrates them into mainstream schools. Campaigning against female infanticide.
Sensitisation of men on gender issues.
Developing understanding of life cycle issues and gender discrimination.
Curriculum development in the Lambada language
Developing learning modules on rights – gender rights, human rights and right to education and pilot tests of the modules.
The Back 2 Basics-Gramya project of AEAI-SA aims to achieve the following outcomes:
Developing the capacities of 50 volunteers on child-centered learning means that 3,386 children competencies would be enhanced. 
Sharing the status on the competencies of the children with stakeholders. 
Improving the learning environment in 50 schools.
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