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Arumbu Child Development Project  

Arumbu -Promoting solidarity among the youth

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is home to 25% of the state’s population. The city has a large slum population where a significant number of children and youth grow up in circumstances that are detrimental to their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Increasingly children and youth in slums are falling prey to domestic violence, drug abuse, prostitution and pedophilia. As a preventive measure the Government of Tamil Nadu had initiated Boys’ Clubs through the police departments in 2003. The primary focus of this initiative was on education, sports and social awareness.

      Lack of community monitoring, low morale of functionaries, inadequate funding and the absence of women volunteers led to a gradual decline of these clubs. It was at such a time, in 2005, that AeA South Asia stepped in to strengthen these clubs. Apart from strengthening the Boys’ Clubs, similar clubs have also been initiated for girls. These clubs promote awareness of social issues such as climate justice, gender sensitivity and inclusive education. As part of the Clubs’ activities several children with disabilities were provided with assistive devices through existing government schemes and programmes.


  • To strengthen the Boys Clubs started by the government with meaningful activities
  • To provide equal opportunities for girls to learn and grow through Girls’ Clubs
  • To ensure livelihood skill training for boys and girls
  • To create awareness among children and the youth about issues affecting slum populations
AeA intervention reaches 3750 families covering 175 slums through 78 boys clubs and 27 girl clubs.
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