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 The Telegraph
A report of the State Level Reports Sharing meeting of the AEA/MiRC-BvLF study titled 'Multi Urban Location Study on Safe and Healthy Environment of Young Migrant Children Living in Worksites' was published in The Telegraph, Guwahati Edition on 16th November 2013. The sharing meeting was held on 15th November 2013 in Guwahati.
Click here for the news article


Name of the Publication: India Today
Edition: May 22, 2013

English brief of the article: Women’s self help groups are playing a major role in the development of women as well as in the development of the society. In the district of Erode, Tamil Nadu, women’s self help groups from Sadamugai, Gundri and Aalathukombai village are working towards the social issues which are present in their villages. They used media as a tool to convey the problems and make them aware of the problems they face every day.  They video shoot the different social issues like importance of education for girl child, early marriage, child labour and lack of road & transport facilities as documentary films and telecast it in their own villages, which can be called a huge success as the government had a look into it and solved their problem of constructing the road.  Mr Murali from Aide et Action has conceptualized this thought of empowering the community members to take up these issues through videos. The proverb “Actions speak louder than words” has come true in this case.

Respect her Motherhood
Respect her Motherhood is Aide et Action's unique initiative to celebrate Mother's day which was obsevred on 12 May, 2013 by remembering our mother Earth who is the mother of creation and sustenance. Here are some of the related press clippings.

Below are the articles that were featured on our Respect our Motherhood event
Our Articles were featured in Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Baskar extensively in the month of May.

Lord Jonathan,BvLF visits Jinnaram Work site
Member of the House of Lords and Advisor of Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF), Lord Jonathan visited the migrant housing model project demonstrated by AEAI-HRO. He was accompanied by Ms. Lisa Jordan, CEO, BvLF, and Ms. Dharithri, Country Director, BvLF-India. Umi Daniel, Regional HeadMigration, was also present on this occasion. The press clippings from this visit are here below.
Name of the Publication: Eenadu Newspaper
Language: Telugu
Date of Publication: 3 May 2013
Name of the Publication: Namaste Telangana
Language: Telugu
Date of Publication: 3 May 2013
Name of the Publication: Sakshi
Language: Telugu
Date of Publication: 3 May 2013

First time ever proper houses and learning area for children of brick kin workers in India

Name of the publication: India Education Diary
Date: 18 April 2013
 Padma Kharshela, a 40 year old migrant woman working in the brick kilns of Andhra Pradesh shows her gratitude that her children now can sleep in a proper house, which they don’t have to crawl into and have a space to learn and play.  More...
First time ever proper houses, learning area for children of brick kiln workers from Odisha
Name of the publication:
Date: April 19, 2013
Padma Kharshela, a 40 year old migrant woman working in the brick kilns of Andhra Pradesh shows her gratitude that her children now can sleep in a proper house, which they don’t have to crawl into and have a space to learn and play. Faguna Kharsela, her 6 year old son is also... more...
Experts call for kid-friendly learning environment
Name of the publication: The Himalayan Times
Date of publication: 24 March, 2013
Place of Publication: Kathmandu, Nepal

Education experts have stressed the need to create a child-centric environment in schools where students can learn their lessons with ease. Speaking at a programme on ‘learning competency assessment’ today, educationist Bhola Dahal said...more...

Learning environment vital for quality education

Name of the Publication: The Rising Nepal
Date: March 24, 2013
Place: Kathmandu, Nepal
 Education experts and stakeholders Sunday suggested that education quality in public school should be increased to minimize drop out rate in such schools.
Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Education Journalists Group (EJG) they argued that majority of schools have been pushing out students from more...

Bypassing the digital divide to get ahead

Name of the publication: The Hindu
Place: Chennai
Date: 25 February, 2013

Jamuna Devi dropped out of school after class X in 2010 because of problems at home.Today, she works as a salesperson at a retail outlet in Perambur and knows how to operate various computer programmes, the internet and more...

Microsoft India launches its second youthspark centre in Thiruvananthapuram
Name of the publication: Business Digest
Date: 22 February, 2013
Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd, in conjunction with NGO partner Aide et Action announced its second YouthSparkcenter in India. The opening of the new center inThiruvananthapuram follows the launch of the inaugurative center in Delhi in November last year, both part of more...
Electronic Media coverage on Siti Channel
Click here to read about the novel valentines day initiative - Lovehood to Livelihood
Date of broadcasting: 14 February 2013
Click here to view the news clip

Electronic Media coverage on BTV

Date of broadcasting: 14 February 2013
Lovehood to Livelihood
 is a novel way of celebrating Valentines day.
Click here to View the news clip. 
Youth in Sri Lanka's war torn north benefit from vocational training
Name of the publication: International Organisation for migration
Date: January 29, 2013
Place: Sri Lanka

AEA Sri Lanka set up two iLEAD Centres in Mullaitivu District which is one of the most affected Districts from the 30 year long armed conflict in the northern part of the country. Post war there have been massive reconstruction activities carried out by the Government of SrI Lanka with the help of the local government administration structure.

The youth of the area were denied the access to vocational training programmes to prepare them for a livelihood during the period of the conflict. 
Click here to read the published story


Talk show on Women's safety
 January: iLEAD Chittorgarh had  organized  a talk show with  Mr. Raghvendra Vyas (Superintendent of Police Chittorgarh) on women safety & security in the city. Approx 150 girls had participated in this talk show & raise their points on their safety in the city. This initiative was very much appreciated by the localities & this event is covered in all major media houses of the city. Here is the clipping of the same in one of the vernacular language newspapers.
  Name of the Newspaper: Times of India - Education Times
  Date of publication: 28 January 2013
  Leading Light
  The story of Usha Banjare has been covered by the
  media to be an inspiration for so many others to follow.
  Click here to read the article in detail


The story of our Unsung Hero reaches far and wide - Mr. Shanti Lal from iLEAD - Chittorgarh- Rajasthan that has received coverage in The Telegraph Newspaper. He is a true inspiration.This Republic Day he is receiving an award from the distr
ict collector of Chittorgarh.
Lets join in wishing good luck for his future and we hope iLEAD continues to be a guide to many more such students.
For those who wish to write to him- 'SHANTI LAL SHARMA' <>
This story was published in The Telegraph India, Calcutta Dated 24 January 2013

Traffic awareness classes in iLEAD Nepal
 Name of the newspaper: Dhaulagiri Jagran National Daily
 Date of publication: 23 January 2013 
 Place: Nepal
 The news reads – Traffic awareness classes were conducted by  two Asst Sub-Inspectors of Police from Baglung District, Nepal. The police officers interacted with students at the iLEAD centre and made them aware of the different traffic rules and regulations.This is a project implemented by Aasaman Nepal with support from Aide et Action. A total of 36 iLEAD youths were present for the program. on the occasion, Mr. Laxman Thapa, Baglung district coordinator spoke about the projects in Baglung. 
Can MGNREGA reduce distress migration?
Name of the publication:
Date of publication: 22 January 2013
Umi Daniel is the thematic head for Migration in Aide et Action. He pens down his thoughts on the efficacy of MGNREGA's schemes in reducing the distress of migrants.
Click here to read the whole article.
Annual convocation of iLEAD held in Bolangir
Name of the publication:
Date: January 8, 2013
The certificate distribution ceremony held at iLEAD Bolangir in Orissa was covered by the local media.
Click here to read the related article.
Solidarity Rally in light of Delhi Gang Rape

Names of the Newspapers: Dainik Jagran, Prabhat Khabar, Aaj and Hindustan
Place: Patna
Date: 23 December 2012
On 22nd of Dec. 2012 Candidates of iLEAD Madhubani center organized a rally against the issue of Delhi Gang Rape. During the rally they marched 10 K.M in Madhubani town speaking boldly for Women security in the city and justice for the victim girl of Delhi Gang Rape. 70 Youth of iLEAD along with all faculties participated in the rally. Local News channel and Print media like Daink Jagarn, Hindustan, Aaj, Prabhat Khabar published this news.
Participation of B2B children in Launching of Children’s Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction
Name of the Newspaper: Hindustan
Place: Patna
Date: 6 December, 2012
A one day Children’s Platform was launched on Disaster Risk Reduction in Bihar. The platform was jointly launched by Bihar State Disaster Management Authority, UNICEF, Bihar Inter Agency Group (BIAG), All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI), Save the Children and Plan India on December 5th, 2012 in Patna. More than 100 children (trained in Disaster Management) from various districts of Bihar participated in this event.  
Being a Core Member of BIAG, Aide et Action was invited to take part in this event and a total 16 B2B children participated from West Champaran, Madhubani and Samastipur districts in the workshop. During the workshop Miss Kanchan Kumari and Mr. Vishwajeet Verma from B2B, CARD - Samstipur a gave speech about “how to keep neat and Clean during the emergency and careful during earthquake”. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) material produced by AEA was displayed in this event along with a case study how AEA is building the capacities of local communities on DRR.  The feedback from the participants and organizers was encouraging as they have appreciated AEA’s work with children and communities in DRR.

An iLEAD success story
Name of the newspaper: Gaunle Khabar Chautari, Weekly of Baglung(Nepal)
Place: Nepal
Month: December 2012
The news coverage says that the youths are now self-employed in their own village. It takes the example of Chitra Bahadur Nepali and Geeta Harijan and says that about 150 youths of iLEAD are now engaging in self employment in different villages. It further adds that girls are growing interest in house wiring trade and  talked with Vidhya Srish, a girl graduate from housewiriing while she says about Rs 20,000 can be earned per month with this skills. The magazine mistakenly taken the name of CTEVT along with AEA Nepal as training provider which it apologized in its next issue.

District level pre-consultation on District Needs Assessment (DNA) – Bokaro district, Jharkhand
Place and month of publication: Patna, November 2012
On 12th November, 2012 a day long Pre-Consultation was held at DC-Conference hall. The DC had invited the different stakeholders comes under Child Protection. All together forty persons participated including Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintend of Police, CDPOs and shared their views. The project Consultant interacted with printing as well as electronic media personals, brief the purpose and outcome of consultation. Electronic and printing media have highlighted the same. Detail report on DNA will be prepared after complication of proposed activities which is likely to be completed in the month of December, 2012 
State Level TRG meet on National Education Day

Bhopal, November 2012:
A Teacher’s Resource Group meeting was organised on 10 and 11 November, 2012,where over 150 teachers from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Assam participated. The key participants of the meeting were Dr. S. N. Subba Rao, a veteran Gandhian and peace activist;Sri S. C. Behar, former Chief Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh (MP); Sri Ramesh Dave, editor of Rashitra Palash; and Sri Ramesh Sharma, Vice President, Rashtriya Ekata Parishad (State Minister) MP.
Dr. S. N. Subba Rao was felicitated as Rashtra Shikshak (National Teacher) on behalf of Aide et Action International-South Asia. In his talk, Dr. Subba Rao emphasised on the importance of the 3Hs– Hand, Head, and Heart in education. He added that while the hand denotes labour,the head is root cause of all kind of discrimination, evil, and ill-will. The head is also capable of harbouring pure thoughts which bring about peace, harmony, and human development in all spheres of life and a compassionate heart always forgives others and remains peaceful.
Sri S. C. Behar participated in an interactive session with the teachers, who shared the challenges and best practices of their schools. Mr. Dinesh Bhatt from Chhindwara explained his success on getting children to come to school regularly. Mr. Aaanad Nema from Narsinghpur spoke of how the cultural activities in his school not only give the children an opportunity to harness their musical skills but also spark an interest in school. Ms. Manisha from Rewa mentioned that her school is ranked at Grade A due to her continuous efforts and the activities and joyful environment.
Sri S. C. Behar posed a few interesting questions in the session: Do children stay in the classroom or run away screaming when last bell in the school rings? Should schools not be centres of community-based activities where people celebrate Eid, Christmas, etc.? Should migrant children not be considered for admission in school? Should there be any kind of inspection in schools or should they be autonomous? While commenting on the increasing number of private schools, he reiterated that instead of opposing private schools if government schools started providing quality education then private schools would automatically become the second choice.
In the last session Sri S.C. Behar demonstrated how a small, simple game could develop sportsmanship in children. At the end of the game everybody shouts ‘Sare Khelane Wale Jeet Gaye’ (everyone has won,no one has lost). The message being that playing collectively is much more important than winning or losing the game. 
Names of the Newspapers: Dainik Jagran, Nav Duniya, Swadesh and Pradesh Today
Place and Month: Bhopal, November 2012

'Government indifferent to plight of bonded labourers'

The lives of bonded labourers is dismal and their situation calls for immediate attention. This article in The Hindu describes the state of things and the interventions undertaken by Aide et Action and others to make life better.

Indian Children of the Migration

Counterpunch is a well acclaimed political journal of the United States of America which carrieda feature by Pradeep Baisakh, who wrote a well researched article on migration after visiting AEAI project regions.

Name of the Newspaper: Axomiya Khobor
Published at : Guwahati
Dated: Oct 5, 2012

'Shram Daan' by the community in Bonukuwal, Guwahati
Under the initiative of the Village Development Committee (VDC) of Maj-Bonkuwal Village, Guwahati, and with support from the community, a community ‘Shram Daan’ program was undertaken. Under this, different portions of the approach road to the schools, broken by the recent floods, were repaired over a period of one week, as informed by the VDC President Mr.Padmakanta Loying and Secretary Mr.Anil Loying. It may be mentioned that there have been complaints that the members selected by the community initially for taking up the responsibility of overall development of the village did not take up anything productive. But the restructuring of the committee has solved that issue. Invitations have been given to the Gram Panchayat President and the Regional Panchayat President also, but they did not participate in the event. The District Panchayat member, Mr.Ranjit Daw, Gram Panchayat member, Mr.Gajen Daw, an eminent Social Worker of the area, Mr.Bholou Loying, and the Project Coordinator of NEADS have encouraged the community to undertake such tasks. The other staff members of the NEADS project also participated in the event.

  Sathyamangalam Kids Shoot their Own stories
 Tamil Nadu, October 13
 The Tribal Kids at Sathyamangalam are empowered with the training on how to use a  video  came and now they shoot their own stories to express their ideas and voice their  concerns. Click here to read the Published article.
  Name of the Newspaper - Nongsain Hima (Khasi)
(The transcription of the article is here below)
"In Today’s world only the hardworking will be successful in all spheres"

Shillong, September 26                                                

“Today’s world is a world of competition and only the hardworking individuals will be successful in all spheres and fit to compete against this because this generation is not like the previous one where the youths have to depend on their parents for their needs”, said MDC Laitumkhrah Constituency and Executive Member of Department of Finance and Trade, Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council Mr. N. Antonio War as a Chief Guest on the Convocation Programme for the 4th batch that was conducted by Initiative for Livelihood Education and Development (iLEAD) Shillong Centre at Don Bosco Youth Centre on Wednesday the 26th September 2012.

He also mentioned that the three qualities required for any youth in today’s world are hardwork, responsibility towards his work and determination. He said,” We should not be ashamed of doing any kind of job and that the youths of the 5th batch should continue their training and not leave it half way”.

“iLEAD is a hope for under privileged youths to restart their lives as we have seen that students who have completed their training from here are now employed in different sectors and this shows that this Centre has paved the way for many towards a brighter future by helping them stand on their own feet ”.

Mr. Vijay Kumar, Principal of IHM Shillong said that the youths should try to be multi skilled by taking advantage of these skill development programmes provided in this organization.

While the Programme Officer of iLEAD Mr. Puberun Dekaphukan said that the Shillong Centre started on November 2010 and till date they have trained up to more than 200 youths.”The training is for 4 months where 3 months is for classroom training and 1 month is for their on job training.” He also mentioned that iLEAD is a programme of Aide et Action which functions in three different countries namely India, Nepal and Sri Lanka with around 108 Centers.

iLEAD provides an opportunity to youths in developing their skills and imparts knowledge which helps them stand on their own feet. Most of the youths in iLEAD are the ones who come from a poor family. Shillong Centre has three different trades which consist of Beautician, Electrical House Wiring and Hospitality and this organization has links with different sectors that helps with employment for youths who have completed their training.

In the 4th batch, there are 36 youths in Beautician, 33 youths in Electrical House Wiring and 28 youths in Hospitality who have received their certificates from the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. 2 students each from the three trades were awarded as ‘Best Student’. Then there were speeches from the students about their experience in iLEAD.

The Bal Vikas Kendras are on the road to development with Tata steel in collaboration with Aide et Action initiating the capacity building for teachers and a revision in the syllabus for a more child friendly learning ensuring language to not be a barrier to education. Click here to read the published article.

 Family rescued from bondage handed over to Relatives
 August 31, 2012
 Aide et Action released a migrant labourer from the clutches of forced labour after two decades of confinement. The trauma and the successful rescue of the migrant labourer by Aide et Action is recalled in this article. Click here to read the published article.
August 30,2012
This article exposes the story of a migrant labourer couple who were forced to do labour at a Brick Kiln for 22 long years. Aide et Action stepped in and finally rescued them on knowing the story. Click here to read the Published article
 Aide et Action proved to be successful yet again in rescuing a migrant labourers from  Indugududdm  village in Medak, Andhra Pradesh. The article contains the revelation of the labourer. Click here to read the published article 



A survey conducted by Aide et Acton on the migrant children in Orissa was covered by the the live mint and the wall street journal. The survey revealed that fewer than 1% of the children surveyed were actually enrolled in school.


June 10, 2012
The Hindu published an article on the iLEAD program of Aide et Action and its success.
The Feature elaborated on how the program was initiated and how it caught pace and is now widely popular and successful.
June 20, 2012

The Guwahati wing of Aide et Action conducted a year long survey on the children working at brick kilns. The results of this survey was articulated in The Telegraph.Click here to read the published article 
June 17, 2012
The women in Sathyamangalam are exploring the power of the video camera by Producing and shooting movies that refelect their life,opinion and values. A workshop conducted by ‘Signs’ and ‘Aide et Action International’ formulated this move.


June 11, 2012
 Women in Sathyamangalam are taught the art of portraying their expressions through the eyes of the Video Camera Lens. A workshop conducted by ‘Signs’ and ‘Aide et Action International’ formulated this move. Click here to read the published article.
 NEADS, an NGO and Aide et Action international lend a helping hand by making education facilities available for the flood victims in Assam. The otherwise miserable lives of these victims now finds a ray of Hope.
Medical Camp for Migrants
March 21, 2012
 As many as 557 beneficiaries were attended to medically for free and underwent checkups in a medical camp organized by Madras School of Social Work in collaboration with Aide et Action, Chennai.
    Meghalaya’s Ashes
February 19, 2012
The horror experienced due to childhood spent in coal mines is recalled in this report. Coal mine entrepreneurs traffic more than 10,000 children annually,most of who are from Nepal.
   February 6,2012
School drop outs and women have a reason to smile as Microsoft, as part of its ‘Project Jyothi’ is training them on basic IT skills. Aide et Action which has already been working on the same lines has partnered with Microsoft for this cause. 
 Click here to read this news in detail.

 A global workshop on education was organized by Aide et Action India for which seventy six delegates from 11 countries participated. The Hindu elaborates on the event in an article.
The Hindu - iLEAD - Helping the poor realise their dreams...
September 10, 2006

A big gap exists between the demand and supply of qualified and skilled workforce...
Indian Express- ARUMBU - Girls' club in every police station...
August 11, 2006

The Chennai Police is examining the possibilities of establishing Girls Clubs in all police stations on the lines of Boys Clubs...
Maharashtra Herald - iLEAD - Leading the way to successs...
June 27, 2006

Is education privy to the upper classes alone? Dom economically challenged sections of society have no right to dream big?...
The Hindu – Cycle rally for tsunami victims conducted…
December 29, 2005

About 600 youth, women and children participated in a cycle rally that began at Neelankarai and ended at Periyaneelankarai, as part of Tsunami Day on Sunday. The 45 minute rally culminated at the village temple with people sharing their memories of the day. Staff from Aide et Action India, an international development organisation with a central office in Paris, spoke to the gathering. The organisation has carried out rehabilitation work in 15 tsunami affected villages.



Dinathanthi – Silent procession in Neelankarai…
December 28, 2005

n view of the Tsunami Remembrance day, and on behalf of the Arumbu project, a silent procession and memorial service took place in Periya Neelankarai…Candles were lit and silence was observed for ten minutes…youth, members of the Self Help Groups and more than 500 people joined the service… Vijayalakshmi, Arumbu programme director, delivered a message… the candles used for the service were made by the Arumbu Self Help Groups…Mr. Bosgo, the Arumbu programme coordinator, gave the vote of thanks



The Hindu – Free dental camp…
December 13, 2005

A free dental camp for the Police Boys Club members was conducted at the Joint Commissioner of Police’s Office at St. Thomas Mount on Sunday. A team of dentists from Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute led by Dr. Suresh performed the medical checks. C. Sylendra Babu, Joint Commissioner of Police, South inaugurated the camp. R. Nataraj, Greater Chennai Police Commissioner, advised the children on the importance of staying healthy and studying well. The programme was jointly organised by Aide et Action and the City Police.



Dinamani – To promote Police Boys Club, French organisation funds Rs. 1.6 crores…
September 27, 2005

Mr. R. Nataray, City Police Commissioner -Chennai City informed that in order to promote Police Boys club in Chennai, Aide et Action a French orgnisation has given Rs.1.6 crores.


To mark the Police Boys Club second anniversary and the inauguration of ‘Arumbu’ project, a function was held at Egmore Rajarathinam stadium in which Mr.R.Natraj gave the following speech:

Through ‘Arumbu’ project 78 clubs will be promoted and more than 10,000 children from 175 city slums will be benefitted. Aide et Action a French organisation will promote 51 boys clubs and 26 government run clubs and they have alloted Rs.1.6 crores for this project.

The French based organisation will fund for four years. In this regard the organisation will spend Rs.28 lakhs per annum. Boys should study well and should not indulge in any illegal activities.

Aide et Action South Asia’s Regional Director Mr.Someskumar, I.A.S, Bureau Chief Mr.Ananth, and Joint Commissioner – North Mr.C.Sylendra Babu participated in this function.

Cricket bats and balls, carrom boards, chess boards, etc., were distributed to the Police Boys Club. More than 100 boys participated in the function.

Dinamalar – Annual Day of Boys Club…
September 27, 2005

On the occasion of the Annual Day of Boys Club, the City Police Commissioner Mr.R.Natraj laid emphasis on the following points in his speech: children should inculcate discipline, sports and good education and be the role model in the society. In any circumstance they should not indulge in any illegal activities.


In Chennai 2003 Police Boys Club was started. In its second anniversary function, Arumbu was inaugurated yesterday in the Rajarathinam Stadium. Chennai City Commissioner Mr.R.Natraj in order to promote Police Boys Club inaugurated the Arumbu Project and spoke briefly about the Police Boys Club.

Police Boys club is functioning in several places in Chennai city. 26 clubs are run by city police and 51 clubs are run with the help of NGO’s. In order to make all students to attend, school free books and bicycle are given by the government.

Through ‘Arumbu’ project 78 clubs will be promoted through which more than 10,000 children from 175 city slums will benefit. This project will help the children in their overall development such as education, good behaviour and healthy growth.

In the function Aide et Action Bureau chief Mr.Ananth welcomed the gathering. Regional Director Mr.Somesh Kumar I.A.S delivered a special speech. Sports materials and education materials were distributed to Police Boys Clubs. C.Sylendrababu gave the vote of thanks and the boys of the Muthayalpet Boys Club performed a cultural programme.

The Hindu – Police Boy’s Clubs get play kits, reading materials…
September 27, 2005

The play kits, sponsored by Aide et Action, a French non governmental organisation, included a carom board, chess board, cricket paraphernalia, volley ball, football and skipping rope.


The reading materials included a Tamil – English – Tamil dictionary and story books among other things. The kits were distributed to the club members under the joint project “Arumbu” launched by Mr. Nataraj. Materials worth Rs.1.50 lakhs was distributed to 26 Police Boys Clubs…

…Somesh Kumar, IAS Regional Director, Aide et Action, South Asia, said the organisation would function in coordination with the City Police.

The NGO which operated in 12 States and three Union Territories was involved in implementing education and development projects in partnership with 28 NGOs…

City Express – CoP inaugurates club celebrations…
September 27, 2005

Greater Chennai Police Commissioner R. Nataraj today inaugurated the anniversary celebrations of the Boys Club in Chennai on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, he urged the boys to attend school regularly and then take part in the sports and cultural activities of the club. He also inaugurated ‘Arumbu’, a project of the international NGO Aide et Action, which would be working to strengthen the existing Boys Club at a proposed budget of Rs. 1.5 crores for four years.


He also urged the members of the club to make use of the opportunities and facilities provided by the police and stay away from anti-social activities. He exhorted the boys to lead a disciplined life and said it would help the police a lot as such boys could be included in the Friends of Police team.

Joint Commissioner of Police (North Chennai) C Sylendra Babu, Aide et Action Regional Director Somesh Kumar, senior officials and members of various boys clubs were present on the occasion.

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