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About Us  
Our Vision
"A world where dignity is ensured for all men and women by education - lever for human development. "
Our Mission

"To make education the lever for development. "

Our Values

Liberty, Respect, Solidarity, Equity, Integrity - values that are free from all political and religious attachments.

Our work

Aide et Action in brief

·        Non-governemental organisation created in 1981

·        Focused on achieving access to quality education for all

·        120 projects in 21 countries

·        63,000 sponsors and regular donors

·        A network of around 700 volunteers

·        Approximately 600 employees

·        Monitored by Fance's "Comité de la Charte" (a member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organisations, a global association of national monitoring agencies)


Education at the core of development

Education is the means of acquiring knowledge and personal capabilities. It allows individuals to choose their future and exercise their rights as citizens.


However, 75 million school-aged children do not attend, or do not have access to primary school; 775 million adults do not have basic literacy skills.


Aide et Action confronts this urgent issue by intervening in 21 countries to lift barriers that obstruct full access to quality education.



Aide et Action: an approach of accompanying and reinforcing capacities of local actors

Aide et Action accompanies local actors in planning, developing and evaluating their own development projects.


For each project, Aide et Action teams made up of locally recruited individuals collaborate with Aide et Action’s local partners. Giving responsibilities to all actors—village communities, parents, teachers, community-based organisations, state or national government actors—Aide et Action guarantees the relevance and sustainability of its education projects by encouraging the autonomy of communities and respecting local cultures.



9 major themes

·        Access to quality education

·        Early childhood education (i.e. activities specifically oriented to the development of children between the ages of 0 and 6)

·        Education for women and girls

·        Inclusive education (i.e. integration of excluded children and young adults due to a social or economic condition, or a handicap, e.g. child labourers) 

·        Education for the development of global citizenship (i.e. human rights education, environment education, peace education, etc.)

·        Life skills education (i.e. literacy, professional training, entrepreneurship)

·        Health education (i.e. public awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hygiene, etc.)

·        Migration (i.e. accompaniment of migrant populations)

·        Emergency and post-crisis (i.e. education concerning risk prevention, emergency response and sustainable reconstruction)

These issue areas are critical for the advancement of education internationally. Aide et Action clusters its activities and expertise around these themes.


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