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About Us  
Aide et Action International (AEAI) is a development organisation founded in 1981 in Paris, France. In 2007 it established international headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Today Aide et Action International has a presence in 28 countries across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

AEA India was the first country programme, initiated in 1981. AEAI spread throughout India (19 states), Sri Lanka (3 locations) and Nepal (5 regions), evolving as Aide et Action International – South Asia (AEAI-SA). AEAI-SA operates through nine offices -- seven in India and one in Colombo and Kathmandu. The South Asia headquarters is located in Chennai.

Our Vision
"A world where dignity is ensured for all men and women by education - lever for human development. "
Our Mission

"To make education the lever for development. "

Our Values

Liberty, Respect, Solidarity, Equity, Integrity - values that are free from all political and religious attachments.

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