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AEA Fellowship  

AEA Fellowship

Aide et Action- South Asia has instituted a fellowship for people across South Asia. The fellowship provides an opportunity for individuals to experience, learn, innovate, share and practice different ideas in the field of education. The AeA Fellowship aims to promote innovation, public action and advocacy in education.  The term of the fellowship is for a year and the amount of support can vary depending on the concept proposed by the applicant.  

The fellowship prioritizes three broad themes as well as a large pool of potential applicants:

* Innovation and Learning: This fellowship is open for experienced educationists and knowledge leaders who can strengthen concepts and understanding in the area of education in general and elementary education in particular. The aim is to encourage sharing of innovative experiences in the field of education.

* Community Action: One of the chief aims of the fellowship is to identify and promote ideas and actions of leaders who emerge at the community level. As a result the fellowship is open to grass-root level workers who promote community action in education initiatives.

*Public Action based on Micro Experiences: The AeA fellowship is designed to promote young graduates from different disciplines as volunteers in the area of education by providing them the opportunity to connect with communities. The idea is to enable volunteers to live in the community, become sensitive to the education needs of the community and to thus create potential for public action to improve the education status of that community.

How to apply:

Interested candidates may apply for the fellowship by sending 1) a brief concept note with details of any one theme and a thrust area, and 2) a budget, by email to . Proposals will be reviewed in two cycles, February and August. Depending on the date of submission, selected candidates will be notified in the first week of February or the first week of August.

Potential candidates may choose to prepare their concept note by choosing one thrust area from the list below. Aide et Action has prioritized its field of action in the form of nine thrust areas that represent its mission. The thrust areas correspond to the challenges identified for the development of education and constitute the focus of the main activities conducted by AeA.

Thrust areas:

Access and Quality of Education

Early Childhood

Inclusive Education

Education for Sustainable Development and World Citizenship

Livelihood Education

Health Education


Emergency Preparedness and Post-Emergency

Girl-child Education

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