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 High 5 for Education

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Welcome to Aide et Action International South Asia

We are committed to the goal of 'Education for All' with a special emphasis on the under privileged masses. Our ongoing projects are reaching out to 7,30,000 people across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

Access and quality of Education

Enabling all children, including dropouts, children never enrolled and slow learners to meet their education needs and successfully complete their education.

Inclusive education

Ensuring education for girls, children affected by migration, children suffering from social- and health-related stigma and children with disabilities.

Education for Global Citizenship

Building a new generation of children who are sensitive and constructive towards strengthening human rights, peace building, pluralism, comprehensive development and the environment.

Early Child Care and Education

Ensuring children make successful transitions from their regional languages and dialects usually the ones they are most comfortable with to speaking the language of instruction in the schools they attend.

Women Empowerment and Education

Ensuring the capacities of women are built through women’s institutions, thereby enabling them to address the denial of rights and entitlements especially violence against women, education and developmental needs.

Health Education and HIV/AIDS

Enhancing children’s awareness of HIV/AIDS and health and building the capacities of communities to develop healthcare and support programmes.

Livelihood education

Enhancing livelihood skills of youths and women, especially in the age group of 18 to 25 year old, to secure a sustainable livelihood and live a dignified life.

Education for Migrating Population

Addressing educational needs of children affected by migration due to internal displacement, distress conditions, cross-border movement and conflict.

Disaster Response, Mitigation and Preparedness

Addressing rehabilitation needs of affected communities with a special focus on educational needs of children and preparing communities on disaster risk reduction strategies.

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